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Every time you get into your car it’s likely you’ve seen at least one eighteen-wheeler, a similar large freight truck, or even a moving-truck sized commercial truck. Commercial vehicles such as these have become a primary role in the transportation of goods in our country. As such an important part of everyday life on the road, and such a large vehicle, these trucks can some be difficult, even dangerous to operate. These risks are even greater on the highway, where greater speeds can also mean greater dangers.

Queens Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Don’t trust just any Queens Attorney with your case. Our Queens truck accident attorneys at The Orlow Firm have over 30 years experience handling and winning vehicle accidents just like this. Our New York lawyers can help you win the maximum amount of compensation for your commercial vehicle injury.

These large trucks and delivery vehicles traveling on our interstates transverse city streets and highways everyday, and there are numerous factors in trucking accidents that could spell danger for other drivers such as:

  • Commercial Vehicle equipment failure.
  • A distracted, or drowsy truck driver.
  • A truck which another car has quickly changed lanes in front of.
  • A car driving in blindspot behind the truck which the driver can not clear see through mirrors.

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The vast majority of commercial truck drivers have highly trained professionals, who have taken a number of safe driving programs. However, the size and weight of the vehicles they drive, as well the unknown factors in accidents and conditions of the road, make the possibility of a commercial vehicle accident a constant threat. Some of these include:

  • Unsafe weather conditions
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Tire Blowout
  • Improperly secured items

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If you were injured during a commercial truck accident, you may qualify for compensation for related injuries, however the amount of your accident reward depends on multiple factors. These include some specific case-related facts, the available truck insurance amounts, and the applicable New York laws and regulations. Commercial vehicle incidents in NYC and New York State usually involve at least amount of insurance money. Do not assume you do not have a case.  Contact one of our Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys as soon as possible at (646) 647-3398 to determine if you have a trucking accident case.

You may be able to get compensation for expenses including:

  • Wages lost as a result of injuries.
  • Medical bills and other expenses
  • Potential loss of future earnings
  • Diminished quality of life

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