“My name is Yahira M. Lopez. I’m from Queens, New York. I was making a left on Broadway onto Marcus Garvey, and I got smashed up by an MTA bus. It just cut me, and I just smashed my left side of my vehicle. I kind of got out of my car, and I was limping towards him, because I was worried I had my three-year-old in the back seat. I said, “What are you doing?” Like, you’re not thinking, you know, and at that point, I didn’t think of hospital or anything like that. I was more concerned of my daughter.

So, in fact I didn’t go back. I believe like two to three days later I went back to the hospital. I had surgery on my knee, torn meniscus, lateral/medial. At the time, I was a general store manager, and I did a lot of different duties, you know, climbing up ladders, down, giving excellent customer service. I was “the girl” basically, teaching, coaching, and training and taking my workers to the next level. So things kind of, like, changed up after that. Actually, they let me go, due to the circumstances that I didn’t perform the same anymore.

A little after my accident, I got referred to The Orlow Firm from a family member. With the trial, I’ve never been through this before. I would be
lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous. I was a little nervous, not to be on the oath, just nervous with the whole situation, because now I had to relive it all over again, and that was what I was mainly afraid of because I didn’t want to relive that again. Obviously, you know, to get to some sort of solution, you have to relive it again, and I did.

But overall it was a pleasant, great experience, thanks to my attorneys, Adam and Brian. But very professional. Made me feel comfortable. Everything
happened very quickly. You know, they didn’t leave me on the side not knowing anything. Any questions I had I would give them a call. The secretaries were great. Every time that I called the firm, it was on point. As a matter of fact, they have a young lady by the name of Loita. She was always on point with me, never made me feel like they’re putting my case to the side.

I never want to go through it again, obviously. I don’t think anyone wants to go through this, but it was something that I felt very comfortable with
the way they treated me. I felt very comfortable with my attorney, and never once did I even think that he wasn’t going to do a great job just
because I dealt with the firm before the trial. So I knew that if we went all the way, things would fall where it needs to fall. I’m still going through changes. You now what I’m saying. Now things are never going to be the same, obviously. I’m grateful that I’m alive and well and that I can pull forward with my life and not think of this again. But overall, I mean, just take it day by day, you know, take it day by day and just pull forward. I’m not looking back anymore. And I will keep in touch with them and I’m going to refer them to whoever. Unfortunately, we don’t want negative things to happen or bad things or whatever, but they’ll be the first that I’ll refer to.”

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