Our New York City Truck Accident Attorneys at The Orlow Firm are experienced personal injury lawyers who regularly deal with motor vehicle accident cases in New York City involving bicycles, buses, and taxis.

“From the time we started this law firm until today, the watchword is treat the client with respect.

I am sure there are other firms that do the same as we do, but I know that the overwhelming number of complaints that we hear about other firms is
that the client wasn’t listened to. The client couldn’t get a hold of the attorney. The client couldn’t get a response to a question.

I think what’s important for attorneys to understand is that, to each client, this is an unique experience. The attorney may have handled many cases, hundreds of cases, thousands of cases, but for the client that you’re dealing with, this is the first time, maybe the only time that they
have ever dealt with this type of situation.

So the questions that some attorneys might think as bothersome, that should not be the feeling. The feeling should be you’re here to help the client,
and part of that is answering questions, no matter how routine or how many times the attorney has heard that question before. And that should hold for the staff as well. Staff in this office, we feel are fairly competent, very competent to respond to most of the questions of the clients, but if that’s
not satisfactory, then it’s the attorney who has to be available to respond to the client.”