Truck And Bus Accident Attorneys In Queens NY

Tractor trailer accidents, and other commercial truck accidents, can be devastating for victims and their families. But the truck accident attorneys at The Orlow Firm have been helping victims of truck accidents in New York receive the compensation they deserve for over 3 decades.

Truck And Delivery Accidents In Queens

The truck Accident Attorneys at The Orlow Law Firm have over 25 years of experience representing victims and families of victims of large truck accidents in New York such as those involving tractor trailers, FedEx or UPS trucks, and other commercial delivery trucks.

Bus Accidents In NYC

Buses, because of their size and weight, are also involved in accidents. Whether it is a motorcoach, school, or charter bus — victims of accidents involved these vehicles have rights, and the attorneys at The Orlow Law Firm can help get them the compensation they deserve.

They have dealt with many of the aspects of bus accidents, even rollover bus accidents. They also have vast knowledge of the statistics on bus accidents, as well as the “seatbelt controversy“. They are experienced, determined attorneys, ready to help.

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If you have been injured or have a loved one that has been injured in a truck accident or bus accident, it is important that you understand your rights.  Our NYC Bus Accident Attorneys will listen to your case and walk you through the litigation process. You don’t have to face the legal system alone.

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